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Diamond – which means unbreakable is created under extreme pressure and intense temperature for long periods of time! A diamond started out as worthless charcoal, but it is what survives the process! All natural diamonds have imperfections, are different, are priceless and sought after, while man made ones look the same and appear perfect, they are created quickly but are actually the cheapest and counterfeits! Continue reading

During Worship last night I received a revelation from the Holy Spirit. Angles worship God all around the throne for eternity. We know that angles are in Awe of His Glory and Power but no where that I know of does it ever say angles “love” God or are even capable of love! Continue reading

Do you really know what you are packing inside? If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior then the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives inside of you. There is no Junior Holy Spirit or no scaled down version, we all have the SAME Holy Spirit living inside of us. So do you understand “What U R Packing” inside? Continue reading

For those who wonder what the “Peace of God” means. It is simply when your spirit is still when everything else around you is spinning. It is the ABSENCE of stress, anxiety, worry, fret and fear. It is when your head says “I should be worrying/fretting about this but your heart is still and at rest knowing that your God will take care of you! Continue reading

God the Father chose to have His Only Son born to an unwed virgin in a dirty lonely stable before animals instead of before Kings with a huge ceremony. Then for 30 years He grew in stature and favor before God and man but didn’t do anything towards ministry that we are aware of. When it was time for Him to be anointed King He was dipped in a dirty river outside the city instead of crowned King in a Synagogue. If that wasn’t enough immediate after His Father said “well done My Son whom I am well pleased” He was lead into a desert without food or water to be tempted by none other than satan himself. Continue reading

We have all heard many different teachings about Mary and Martha and I don’t believe it was wrong for Martha to be serving because Jesus washed the disciples feet and came to serve. If we read closely in the AMP exactly what Jesus told Martha we get a better picture of what I think He was really trying to get across to her. Martha chose to be busy and Mary chose to sit at Jesus feet. Continue reading

Webster defines righteous as “one who is holy in heart, and observant of the divine commands in practice; as a righteous man”. Rom 6:16b says “of obedience, which leads to being made righteous“. It is through our obedience to God and His Word that we become “righteous or one who is holy in heart“. Continue reading

So many times I have heard people say that we all have “an appointed day to die” or “our number was up“… it never seemed to make sense to me because there are accidents, murders, war, and terrorism that causes unexpected deaths all the time. This is just another religious saying that people seem to use when they can’t explain things. Continue reading

You can learn how to overcome ALL temptations by the Word of God and learning from Jesus… He was tempted in every area and never fell. So if we study HOW He lead His life we can learn some key ways to apply in our own lives.

You CAN NOT fight temptations on a flesh level because you will always loose. You must first fill yourself with God’s Word in that area of temptation and learn what God said and build your spiritual muscles, during that time you will probably fall again until your spirit becomes strong enough in that area to rule over your flesh. Then you have to keep your spirit strong to stay there otherwise you will fall again… I have been through it many, many times. You will never win if you are just trying to use your flesh to say “no”. You must build your spiritual muscles in that area. Continue reading