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Rhema Nuggets: My Testimony

First I must thank Jesus my Lord and Savior, God my Father, and Holy Spirit my teacher and comforter for drastically and dramatically changing my life from misery and pain… to life abundant and full of joy!

This is a short history of my walk with God and how I learned to live, tithe, give, and be lead by the Holy Spirit so you know where I came from and how I got here.


I was in New England working as an Area Supervisor responsible for 14 Field Engineers and a $1.2M budget and wanted to come back home. I decided to start a Computer Consulting business (the key words “I decided”). So my lovely wife Joyce and I moved back to Warren, Ohio. During this time in our lives we were not walking with God, but He had been tugging on my heart to come back to Him. I just wasn’t listening.

At 30 years old I left a good job in New England with our combined income in the mid $60k’s a year and I was driving the car of my dreams, a new Porsche 944. In the world’s perspective, I had done pretty well by the age of 30, but inside I was miserable, broken, and searching for something and did not know it was God!


After about 2 years in business nothing went right and we were flat broke. I had to cash in 401k accounts, life insurance, savings accounts, bonds, and received a generous gift of money from a family member that literally kept us alive.

We literally had about $300 to our name – that’s all. We were living off food stamps to eat which was one of the most humbling moments in my life, and the rent was due and there was no money. We had over $20,000 in credit card debt and someone else was driving my Porsche and making the payments. At that moment I was now in lowest part of my entire life!

I had been looking for a job for about 8 months unsuccessfully. I was highly skilled and educated in computers and had a great deal of experience but could not even BUY a job! I had a number of very good interviews, but the doors were being closed right in front of me, I could see it happening, but did not know why.

During those 8 months of searching for a job, I had become very active in our small local church and helped them every way I could. At that time God had really laid on my heart to start giving in the offering. We had no income during that time and was seriously in debt so it wasn’t a tithe – it was an offering. I actually put in $5 or $10, whatever God lead me to give, and that was a lot of money to me, but I was obedient and faithful. I hadn’t learned much about tithing at that point, but I started reading and studying as much as I could.

One day I was reading my Bible and all of a sudden I closed it and fell to my knees. I cried out to God and said, “God I can’t take anymore, I give it all to you, I don’t care if I find a job – it’s yours“. That was the extent of the prayer, but I know God was patiently waiting and heard my hearts cry. It was truly from the Heart not from my head. My head had been trying to figure it out and find a job but couldn’t, and when I finally gave it to the King of Kings, He took care of it!

Well to keep it short this was on a Tuesday; two days later I got a call from a Regional Manager in Florida of a nationwide computer company (I do mean he called me!). He said that he had been talking with his brother in Cleveland and he had gotten my name from a friend. I came highly recommend and he wanted to know if I was still looking for a job. Was I looking? I could have screamed it out loud! We talked a short while, and he had the Cleveland District Manager call me that Monday. I interviewed Tuesday (the next day) and he asked me when I could start. I thought … well… tomorrow sounds good, so I started Wednesday! I got the exact job I had wanted, the exact salary I asked God for, and the exact company car that I wanted! Now is God Good or what?

It gets much better from there!
Joyce and I had committed to tithe off my new job and it was on our heart to pay off our $20,000 debt. We actually tithed off the new job and paid off our debts at the same time! God was faithful to our commitment and blessed Joyce with Supernatural jobs far above her normal income range. We diligently paid off our debts and we didn’t spend any money on anything else! We had to be totally committed, not casually. Every penny went to pay down the debt, and we started tithing from the first paycheck.


In 1-½ years we paid off over $20,000 of consumer debt, and we bought the house of our dreams with no money down! That is a whole story in itself!

Here is how exact (impeccable timing) God is! We received our Income Tax check on a Monday and I wrote the final checks to pay off our debt and mailed them. Joyce called me at work on that Friday (the same week) and said “today is my last day, they are letting me go“. I remember laughing out loud on the phone because I realized what God had done! He supernaturally kept her there to honor our commitment to pay off our debts! I told her to go home and enjoy the time. At this point I didn’t care if she worked or not, God was faithful to our commitment!


I worked that job for about 3 years, and then I felt it was time to move on. I prayed and said, “God I always heard of people sending out one resume and getting the job, I want to do that“. I watched the paper for awhile and there was a job that caught my eye, I had a peace about it and sent a resume. I got a call back, set up an interview, and it took about 2 months, but things worked out and I started that job. I sent one resume and got the job; He is so faithful!

God Super-Naturally opened the door for me to work at a $28 Billion dollar Worldwide Corporation. When I started I was in the lowest position they had in the computer department. It was about three months into the job when I came home one night and told my wife I actually thought I missed God because it wasn’t what I wanted to do! During that time I was faithful by doing everything they asked no matter how trivial I thought it was, and I did it to the best of my ability!

It was around 8 to 9 months after I started that I actually began doing what I originally wanted to do, and God steadily kept increasing my position and responsibilities. During the those first 8 months they got to see my character and abilities and I was in the exact place God wanted me when the door opened.

I was faithful to what He told me to do. I studied my trade, took the industry certified tests, and worked the hours, I mean worked the hours! I would be up early and late reading and learning at home. Don’t think just because you are in God’s Perfect will things will be easy, you must also be obedientand diligent in what He has called you to do! I have always said “if He called you to do a job, He will anoint and equip you to do the job“, it is when people are not in the job that God called them to do that they will never really succeed.


God took me from the lowest position in a $28 Billion Worldwide company and promoted me to one of the key Senior Technical Computer experts in the company. I was  responsible for laying out plans on how the computer systems got put together and the things I worked on directly effected over 70,000 people Worldwide and impacted the way our company worked everyday! I don’t say this to impress you; I say this because it impresses me! This is what My God can do if you are willing and obedient! I take no credit at all, I walk in His Anointing and Grace everyday! It is only by His Mercy and Wisdom that I can do what I do! He gets ALL the Praise and Glory! All of it!

During that time I also received 4 promotions and ended up being a Senior Enterprise Architect responsible for helping establish and support over 70,000 users Worldwide. Working at the highest technical position in the company! Is God GooD or what?

In about 5 ½ years God tripled my income. I don’t mean a 50% increase – I mean tripled (x3) my income! I believe it is because we were tithers and givers, and obedient to His Word. We gave offerings when He said to do so even when it meant we did without things we wanted, and we did it willingly and cheerfully. We put God’s will and desire in our life first before things.


I continued to work for that company when I found out they were Outsourcing the entire computer services Worldwide now that we finished our job and it was all consolidated. About 2 years before I knew in my spirit it was time to leave but didn’t have a peace about what to do, so I just kept praying and keeping it before the Lord. In Oct of 2006 when the announcement was made I found out I was being let go as part of it. At that point I was making over $100,000 a year, had 4 ½ weeks’ vacation, 14 paid Holidays, and good benefits.

So what does one do?
For months I fell to my knees not to cry out to God, but to seek His will for my life and get direction. I prayed mostly in the Holy Spirit, sometimes for hours at a time and then would listen. It took about two months to get a direction and God lead me to go back into a consulting business which was probably the last thing on my mind. I had an offer from one of the companies that would be doing the Outsourcing for exactly what I was making including vacation, the other one also told me they would make me one if I was interested in it. We had a decision to make, to take something safe or to follow the will of God. So despite what the World said, and despite of taking what seemed like the safe way out… we were lead by the Holy Spirit and started a new business!


On Feb 2nd of 2007 I started my own computer consulting company and turned down all the other job offers. We had a peace from God but didn’t have the money in the bank to support even a month without income, we were not prepared in the natural but stepped out in faith trusting God. During that year the Lord brought all the business to me… everything, and there were even times that I had to turn down work because I couldn’t keep up.


Now I can tell you that in 2007 I made 2 ½ times what I made the previous year by listening to and obeying God. My marriage is better than it has ever been, my family and church life is more then I could have ever imagined.

In May of 2008 I had my largest contract end rather abruptly. So I felt lead to take some time off… I figured a few weeks vacation would do me good! During the 16 months I was a consultant I made $350,000 and when the that contract ended I had $100,000 in the bank… the most I ever had in my life!

After about 3 weeks I was ready to go back to work but keep hearing the Lord say just “relax“… so to make a very long story short I took the rest of the year off!

I have had a whole year off, seeking God like never before, going to Christian seminars, having revelation open up that I never imagined, seeing the Power of God move before my very eyes!

Many times I when I would ask God questions about what was going on He would ask me “Do you trust Me?” The only time you really know how much you trust God is when you are in the middle of a fire. One day at the counter he spoke very clearly to me and said “it’s easy to trust me and walk by faith when you have $100,000 in the bank isn’t it? He was right, it is easy to trust God when you have a job or you have money in the bank. The rubber meets the road when you don’t have any of that and it is just you and Him! Peter called it “Walking on water


Over the past year God turned our lives inside out, all except my marriage and family. He moved us from a church we were at for 12 years to a new one, I have gone without income from being very well paid, and have seen signs, wonders, and miracles that I only dreamed of before.

It was a miracle of God that I could take over a year off without income and be able to live off what I earned the prior 16 months. We have not changed our lifestyle at all, we have lived within our means and saved the money. I am still seeking the Lord for direction and know according to Heb 13:5-6 AMP that “He will Never leave me or forsake me” and 2 Cor 9:7 AMP “that He loves a cheerful giver and will not abandon him

God has stirred in my heart to start Healing Rooms, and we have started teaching Healing School at our new church and have seen God move in ways we have been longing for! He has opened doors that I have been pounding on for many years.

This year in August we hit $0 and have totally exhausted the reserve we had from my business, BUT God! I had honestly expected that the moment we hit $0 God would be there and show up with a miracle. I was wrong, we went past $0 and no new news from God.

Many different times I had consulting companies call me and every time I prayed “Lord if it is Your Will let it go through, and if not then let them not call me back“. Joyce and I now laugh because no one has ever called me back, in fact one time I had started formulating the thought of calling them to follow up and I heard the Holy Spirit say “I answered your prayer, they didn’t call you back“. So I believe He has kept me from working to DETOX me from what I was doing and focus on Him and only Him.


It has been a long, long journey and we have seen God’s hand and fingerprints all over our lives. We have been seeing many people healed of issues man can not do anything about, his favor has been all over us. My marriage has gotten even better then before and for the first time at 50 years old I have totally been enjoying life! It has been the BEST year of my life, ever… exceedingly above anything I could ever imagine.

Financially we are still believing God for an explosive breakthrough to do His will.  He has provided in many ways which has been very humbling for us… but it doesn’t change our resolve, He is still good and our provider! We have been living by faith DAY by DAY and have learned to give out of our lack and need again instead of out of our abundance. It is God or bust for us! We simply believe what He says.

During each financial increase our giving also increased, the Lord allowed me to bless the Church as well as many individuals in the process. We actually had the largest year giving right before my contract ended in 2008, God allowed us to give more then the average American makes in a year. Then we went into a desert season. He has been building our foundation In Him deeper so the building He is doing IN US can go higher.


WOW… is all I can say. The end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 I have never been more broken before in my life! God revealed some garbage in my life that I didn’t even know was there and walked me through getting rid of it and made me stronger in the process! We are 3 times more in debt then I have ever been before and have learned how to Trust God in ways I never imagined. Joyce and I are walking in peace even though our minds get squirrelly.  The only way you can learn to Trust God is to be put into positions to “HAVE TO“. You can ‘t learn this from a book or a message, or even a bumper sticker! I have actually reached a point that I am not fighting this season and understand what the last 3 years have been about… Spring Cleaning! Hunger either drives you closer to God or farther away, the choice is yours! My passion still burns for healing and seeing people encounter God and not just know about Him. To have a relationship and not an acquaintance.

I can tell you the end of the story, We Win… but I can’t tell you how just that if you believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and really TRUST Him with your whole heart… you win!


What Christians need to understand is just because it doesn’t work out like you think, or life gets difficult… it doesn’t mean it is not God. Read about Joseph, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, or Paul… none of them had it easy but they were in the center of God’s Will. So follow the Leading of the Holy Spirit and be guided by the Peace of God and relax!

Please understand that during these times… your flesh WILL scream, kick, spit, and hurt like never before, but DO NOT listen to your flesh… stay FOCUSED on the Lord and what the Holy Spirit is saying!

So what is the secret?
I can honestly say “I did it God’s way!” and not my own. After years and years of doing it my way I learned all I had was failures and misery, once I started listening to God and knowing what the Word said, then and only then my life changed and has never been the same since.

You may be thinking; well that’s you – what about me?

How BIG is your God?

Mine created the World and laid its foundations and put the planets in place.

My God parted the Red Sea, and saw over two million Jews walk through it while countless Egyptians drowned.

My God made the walls of Jericho fall when His children just screamed and shouted when no one else could penetrate those walls! By the Way… the walls of Jericho were so thick that they raced chariots on them, and had people living inside of them!

God has called us ALL to do something in our life, we just have to hook up to what He has called us to do – and do it! No, it probably won’t be the same as me, it might even be better!

So my story continues… what about yours?


Jim DeSantis

9 Responses to “My Testimony”

  • julie linger:

    we surely serve an awesome God, your story will be an inspiration to many, let us all keep the faith!!!

  • wife:

    wow! I am more and more in love with you as we walk this out, hand in hand, arm and arm and heart to heart with the one who loves us so much!

    I love you more than words can say…even though i do say it!!!

  • Diana Babcock:

    God IS good! May he continue to bless you and Joyce, and all your family. All praise to our Lord and Saviour!

  • Julie A Martin:

    Your testimony is an inspiration and joy. Thanks for your diligence in following the Lord, even in the pressing times.

  • Omah:

    Your walk is so much like ours and it seems that God does not change. It should not be hard to follow when it is spelled out in his Word. Our flash just wants it our way. How sad it is to know that with God’s leading “All THINGS ARE POSSIBLE” God Bless you and your family.

  • Dear Jim,
    It was not an accident I came upon your site today. Bless the Lord for He is Good all the time and all the time God is good! I had googled ‘God watches over His word to perform it’ and your site came up in the list. Can’t even remember why I clicked on it but am so very glad I did. WOW! I have done exactly what you have done…listened to God instead of people, my flesh and the devil. He has given me a vision and it’s big and I know in my heart it is from God because this peon brain could never believe for anything close to it. And when I pray about where He wants me to get a job He says He will bring it to me, just like God spoke to you. To use your words, I am in a season of detox and walking on water. Wow! It is so encouraging to know of someone who is doing it like God told them to do it regardless of how it looks on the outside. I have nothing but a suitcase of clothes and a car. God provided a family where I can cook and clean for them and do nothing but seek God in the meantime. Thank you so very much for sharing your most encouraging testimony with ‘whomsoever’ and telling us that whomsoever trusts only in our living God will have more than they need all the time. We are certainly ‘whomsoever’ and living in Ephesians 3:20 because we have nothing but Jesus! Thanks again for sharing your life in Christ. God will continue to be a blessing to all who visit this site as you are obedient to His leading. Romans 8:14

  • admin:


    Jesse Duplantis once said “God never tells you to do the POSSIBLE”. Every account in the Bible where the Lord appeard and spoke to humans He always gave them what seemed like and impossible Word or action to do… and in their own strength it was. Stay focused on Him, His Word and His leading through the Holy Spirit. He once told me “He doesn’t need my help, He needs my Obedience!” Living a life close to God is an adventure, not an amusement ride. He will test you, guide you, and correct you because He loves you.

    Just Love Him first and with all your heart, mind, soul and strength… the Greatest Commandment! And He’ll take care of the rest, I’ve lived off food stamps and also had $1M in my stock account… but God was the same in both! He is not that concerned about your money as He is concerned about your heart. I’ve seen Him change my circumstances when everything looked bleek in the natural and have come to realize I think that is when He likes to do it… when it is absolutely God that did it and we had nothing to do with it!

    So listen to the Holy Spirit, obey His Word and what He tells you and enjoy the adventure.


  • Hi Jim,
    We met on the flight from Pittsburgh. You impressed me as a person with a real walk with Christ, so I’ve been reading your testimony. I rejoice that through the ups and downs you remain faithful.
    God bless!

  • Betty:

    Awesome testimony! Our God is faithful!

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