Everyone worships something in life; the question is what do you worship? Webster defines worship as “extravagant respect or admiration for or devotion to an object of esteem”.

Today people worship football, baseball, TV, work, leaders, cars, and so on.

Anything you exalt in your life you actually can worship. What do you talk about and spend your time on most in your life? If I asked your closest friend about you right now, what would they say you are passionate for?

Many of you are wondering what is the big deal anyhow? Well, see if you are worshipping something in your life that CAN NOT give anything back to you for the worship you give it then it is really like eating cardboard. You get filled up but don’t get any nourishment for your body. What I have found when I worshipped a job is the only thing it did was suck me dry and take away my time and usually destroy my life… this goes the same with anything we worship that does not give back to us. Worship should be a two way relationship!

Where am I going? For many years in my life I worshipped things looking to make me happy, things to satisfy my desires, things that only took from me but never gave anything back and some of those things helped destroy my life years ago.

Today I Worship Jesus My Lord and Savior. He has become my best friend, he has never left me and he brings me joy, peace, and always Loves me even when I still do really stupid things! He loves me for who I am, not what I do. He satisfies my desires with good things, He has healed my body many times, He has healed my marriage, He gave Joyce and me two beautiful children when it was impossible to do it on our own. He gave me a free pass to Heaven when I die… and honestly if that was all He ever did for me, that alone is worth the Worship I give Him.

When you worship anything you are investing your time and energy into that thing or person, so I just wanted you to stop and think about whether you are getting a return for your investment.

Almost everyone in the U.S.A. has heard about Jesus because we have Christmas and Easter, but they don’t KNOW Him. If that is you and you are tired of worshipping things and never getting anything back… If you are hungry for something to truly satisfy that desire that is in you… He is calling you.

Simply stop where you are, cry out “Jesus save me, heal me, I now Worship You as my God and Savior. Come into my heart; forgive me for my stupid ways, I choose you! God if you are really there, I must know you right now. Shower me with your Love and fill the void in my life. Amen

If you don’t think He exists or is real, that is alright… He is big enough to overcome that! Simply pray the prayer anyhow, what do you have to loose… if you were right and He isn’t real nothing will happen, but IF He is REAL don’t you want to know? Let Him reveal Himself to you, all you have to do is ask.

It is so easy to taste and see that He is good, most of the time we are afraid He will take from us like all the other things we have worshipped because that is what we know. It is different with Him, He actually wants to fill you and not take from you! You’ll only know after you pray to Him, He is calling you right now or you wouldn’t be reading this, just listen to His calling.

If you finished this and prayed, please let me know… I’d like to pray for you.

God Loves you despite the things you may have done, NOTHING can keep His Love from you… all you have to do is receive it and your life WILL change forever and ever!

God Bless you today!


4 Responses to “Question?”

  • Kathy Stingley:

    Hi Jim, I was taken by your perceptive insight into the Word of God. I raised to daughters who have walked away from God. my youngest just recently at a dinner saidd she does not believe in the word just a book written by men. I have been sending her scripture to help her understand the importance of Gods word. Thank you for your 4 answeres to the word being performed by God. Helped me too. Kathy

  • admin:


    Thank you for the Comment. I want to encourage you to keep your focus on God and not what they may ever say or do. I have seen God turn many, many dire situations that I could see any hope in the natural around in an instant… but it was His timing not mine! It is important that you SHOW the Love of God at all times in your actions and words, don’t try and use human wisdom but only be moved by the Holy Spirit. Jesus was moved by compassion everywhere He went, He Loved people that other religious people shunned and would not associated with.

    Love them both no matter what they ever say or do, never turn your back to them or get condimental. Also don’t be shocked by what they say… they are walking out their own salvation In Christ and have to find a relationship with Jesus themselves. If you walk in Love and embrace them, then you are a living example of Christ In you and they will see it. If you constantly beat them with the Word then you are more like a religious Christian. Jesus demonstrated the Gospel everywhere He went.

    Relax God is not concerned, Trust In Him, believe His Word, pray for their eyes and heart to be opened to His GREAT Love and let Holy Spirit be Holy Spirit. Love overcomes ALL! You want to lead them to the right path through love, not drive them away through religion. Please don’t misunderstand, I believe in giving people scriptures but if their mind is un-renewed normally they won’t understand it anyhow. I just heard it said that “Love is a universal language that doesn’t need an interpreter”. So just keep loving them with the Love of Christ.



  • Shirley:

    I am hungry to see the real God. lately I have been deeply confused by the disease and death of my 34 year-old brother who had served the Lord all of his life, since childhood. he was highly loved by many people from different ministries in Bolivia. many people and churches from different denominations prayed earnestly for him and we went to see pastors with the healing gift, pastors and brothers with the healing gift also came to pray for him and a number said he’d be healed, but he only got worse, not only that, he suffered a lot with this cancer in his throat that asfixiated him little by little and deformed him completely. He many times asked “God where are you” but prayed and clinged to God until the time of his death…his will as even to be burried at the third day (since in my country people are burried the day after death) hoping to be raised up.
    All our lives we’ve been brought up in the kind of church that doesn’t really perform nor belives sometimes in miracles, but we, on our own, way before this sickness sought for the God of wonders but can’t say we have come to see His wonderful works first hand. These 7 months of disease have been of silence and darkness for the whole family. all the doors for a cure, being there various cures, were just shut on my face, as i was the one doing the seeking.
    Now my brother is dead. In the end, with all his heart and soul, says my sister, my brother lifeted his arms as he could and talked with the little voice he had left and asked God for air and peace, he then entered in a deep sleep and his breathing was restored little by little in the afternoon and the edema from his head and eyes was reducing. I thought he was finally recieving his miracle as he was sleeping and that for the next day he was going to be able to open his eyes, since they had been shut for over 2 weeks because of the edema, and be able to see finally, see the family and his little baby of 9 months old. but he died that night.
    I have many questions…I guess you can imagine, and I can’t accept God taking him with such an awful disease. I came to doubt God is really there…but I can’t live with that. He has been our identity and this breaks my heart if He’s not real. I long to see God, I am desperate to really ear Him cause I can’t say I have ever heard Him. I don’t know what to pray in the spirit is really like.
    I was just listening to a pastor from Korea and he talked about faith by Logos (which is faith in our heads through the knowledge of the Bible) and faith through Rhema (which is faith God giving by He talking direnctly to our souls) and this last is the faith that performs miracles.
    I want that faith, but only God can give it… what can I do to obtain it? I have asked pastors here too if they had Word from God (word of wisdom/Rhema) for us while my brother was sick, but they only kept silent, one even seem just to make an effort to say something came from God, but it was not accurate, it wasn’t fulfilled. Now I ask you to please pray and see if God gives you a word for me.
    I can’t accept my brother dyeing like this for nothin, if he had to suffer so much, there must be something either resurrection on this earth, which I know God can do for He said we can do things even greater thank He did on earth, or something else… and I need to see it, I need to know what God has in plan with this.
    I know this is a long note, but there’s even more which I can write because it’d be just too long, and I’d appreciate it if you could write me with some response from God himself, or pray that He talks to me directly for this is what I long for, to hear His voice and know His will and get out of all this confusion I have now.
    thank you,

  • admin:


    I just read your email and Thank You so much for writing!
    There are no answers to why your brother died, and I have found that God never answers the WHY questions. My 34 yr. old brother committed suicide the night before he was supposed to visit me in Boston and I had to tell my parents when they arrived without him. I know what it is like to loose a brother.

    I can say that God does not use disease to “take people home” as some say, if/when the Lord wants us He is well able to take our lives quickly and not through suffering. So God did NOT take your brother, he died from a disease. Some think that every disease if from the devil which I do not, I think there are things that happen in our bodies because of the curse from Adam’s sin, but yes there are times that it is demonic as well. I have seen people healed from them. I want to encourage you not to “blame God” or be mad at Him, He is your only hope and He IS a Great and merciful God. Just because thinks don’t happen the way we think they should doesn’t change His Nature or Character. He IS still Good! I would encourage you to stop focusing on WHY your brother died or WHY he wasn’t healed, and turn your energy on learning more about the Nature and Goodness of God. Staying preoccupied on the WHY will drive you farther away from the Lord and that is a tactic of satan, satan will try and tell you many negative things to believe about God, he is the father of lies! It is a diversionary tactic, the more you focus and wallow in the death of your brother and harbor negative feelings towards God the farther away you will find yourself. Try and look at it from your brothers perspective right now. He is standing in the Presence and Glory of the Lord and I can assure you he is NOT wanting to be back on earth, he is experiencing God in a way he never could imagine, so as you morn his death and not being with you… celebrate his death and being with the Lord! I think maybe when you start to see and understand the place he is in and the Glory he is surrounded it might just change your perspective. Death is never easy, whether it is sudden and unexpected, or you know it is coming.

    I have found being HUNGRY for God is the best way to stay and hungry people are fed, Christians that think they are satisfied with their relationship are in dangerous places because they can easily be deceived. So stay HUNGRY and there is no doubt in my mind that the Lord will meet you there!

    If you have not heard of Bill Johnson or Bethel Church in Redding, CA I would encourage you to listen to his podcasts. They will slowly change your life and I believe help you in your journey to knowing the Real God! Bethel Church has radically changed my life and relationship with God.

    I see the Fire of God coming down upon you and burning away the religion and traditions of man that has held you back and I see God moving through you to change the community where you live to experience the “Real God”. The scripture that a seed must fall to the ground and die to give birth came to me when I was reading your email. I still don’t believe God took your brother, but I DO believe God will use this for His Good and His Glory! So stay focused on Him and be ready… I am going to pray for you and I believe Holy Spirit is going to show up and rock your world to start a mighty move of God! I do not say that lightly or to encourage you, I sense that strongly in my spirit as I write this email and feel the presence of Holy Spirit all over me. He wants to reveal Himself to His beloved, He wants intimacy with His Bride and Children.


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