There have been people over time that has asked me about prayer. Prayer is communicating to God and SPEAKING what He has said about you and your situations, that is what Jesus did and what He taught His disciples. One of the most Powerful Prayers is praying His Word over your situation, declaring what he said and speaking it out loud.

I have compiled a number of different types of prayers that I have been lead by the Holy Spirit to pray over times. Some I have prayed for days, months, or years and others just when I needed breakthrough.

Please understand these are samples and ones you can pray over your life, but are NOT to replace you talking to the Father for your specific needs and desires. These are meant to “Prime the pump” and get before His Face and Presence then pray out of your own heart.

Sometimes when you don’t know what to pray, simply read through the scriptures and pray them. Read through Psalms and see King David’s heart and pray his prayers. There are many, many different ways to pray and here are just a few that I have used in the past and still do.

Be Blessed today and may Our Lord Jesus Christ reveal Himself in a radical way to you today, may His Light illuminate your soul and flush out every bit of darkness, sorrow, and sadness. May He saturate you with His intoxicating Love and fill you with a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit to carry out His work in your life that you are dynamically changed today!


Bust out of the Box:

Father God, I want the Super-Natural to now truly be my Natural way of life. I ask you and give you permission to stretch my boundaries and tent way past my comfort zone and beyond so I can see this world as you see it from Heaven! To explode the box I used to live in so I no longer have boundaries and limitations in this world! To take me to the place that I can be what you called me to be! 

Prayer of Protection:

Father God, In Jesus Name I Plead and apply the Blood of Jesus Christ over ____ (name them), and myself over my house and household, property, possessions, finances, business (or job), stocks (name them), and investments. (Ex 12:7, 12:23)

I draw a Blood circle around everything you have given me and I put a hedge of protection over us, that nothing of this world or the evil spiritual world can ever come near us or harm us in any way. (Job 1:10)

That you would send, dispatch, and command your angles to watch over, guard and encamp around us, to protect us from any accident, calamity, or disaster that may come near us. (Heb 1:14, Ps 103:20-21, Ps 37:4)

I declare and decree that we are free from every sickness, disease, accident, calamity, and plague and we are protected by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our testimony. (Rev 12:11)

Father that you would expose and reveal the attacks of the enemy to me and as with a Shield surround and cover me (and my family) to protect me with goodwill favor and mercy that every arrow and attack would be extinguished before it gets near me and my family. (Ps 5:11-12, Eph 6:16) 

Prayer of Blessing:

Father God, I Bless my household, my storehouses (name them), my business (or job), and declare that everything I put my hand to will prosper according to your covenant and promises In Jesus Name! That every enemy that rises up against me will be defeated before my very eyes and they will flee from me seven ways.(Deut 28:1-15)

Father that you would open up your good treasury and pour down rain from Heaven so I have an over abundance and that my brimming cup runs over all the time so I can be a major blessing to all those around me. (Ps 23:5, 2 Cor 9:8)

That the Blessing of the Lord – it makes truly rich, and He adds no sorrow with it [neither does toiling increase it] (Pro 10:22 AMP)

That the Lord bless us and keep us; the Lord make his face shine upon and be gracious to us; the Lord turn his face towards us and give us Shalom (peace, prosperity, health, and wholeness)” (Num 6:24 AMP)

That the Lord would rescue us from evil and our enemies, that our faces will glow from the Lords blessing and we will be prosperous and grow like a garden with plenty of water. (Jer 31:11&12) 

Prayer for Love:

Father God, grant me today a spirit of wisdom and revelation into the mysteries and secrets in the deep and intimate knowledge of You. I want to know and experience Your limitless Love that surpasses knowledge so I may be filled and flooded to the FULLNESS of You, the height, breadth, depth, and width of Your Love and be rooted and grounded in Love so Your Power and strength is at work in me. (Eph 1:17-19 AMP, Eph 3:16-20 AMP)


Prayer for Breakthrough:

Father God, I declare, decree, and prophesy  breakthrough:  spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially , in relationships,  in marriage, in business, in ministry, in stocks and investments, and everything we put our hands to will prosper.(Deut 28:8, 28:12, 30:9, 2 Sam 5:19-20)

What I have is good, but it is not enough to accomplish your will in my life. I want my life to carry a breaker anointing. I want my life to break out to touch people who are suffering so that they can experience breakthroughs in their own lives. Father, I want to contend at my city gates and literally bring heaven to earth!

I declare that 2010 is the Best Year of my life and that all my hopes and dreams will be manifest this year.

Lord teach us how to Dream Godly dreams BIGGER than ever before!


Prayer for Forgiveness

Father God, I ask you to forgive me of the sins of my mouth, thoughts, motives, actions, and deeds that do not line up with your Holy Word.

Father God, I now forgive everyone BY FAITH by the Blood of the Lamb that has done wrong to me or that has offended me in any way and I release them and hold them harmless as you do me. I break off and release all offensive and unforgiving spirits in my life and command them to leave in Jesus Name.(Mat 6:14-15)


Prayer for Health and Healing

Father God, In Jesus Name I command that every healthy and strong cell seek out, attack, overcome and destroy every weak, every diseased and damaged, and every sickly cell in my bones, marrow, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs (name them), blood, brain, and skin.

I release and cancel the assignment of any spirit that has and is attacking my body and command it to flea as in terror from my body and household, In Jesus Name.

I command that any toxins or heavy metals that may be in my body be loosed, released, dissipated and flushed out right now In Jesus Name.

That my youth is renewed like the eagles, that I will run and not grow weary, that I will walk and not faint. For the Joy of the Lord is my strength this day!(Ps 103:5, Is 40:31, Neh 8:10)


Prayer of Surrender

Father God, I surrender my life to you this day not that I may loose it, but that I may actually FIND it In you. I now give you my life as a living sacrifice to be pleasing and acceptable to you and to do Your Will and not my own any longer. (Rom 6:19, Luk 14:33, Rom 12:1-2)

Father from this day forward, I vow to submit to Your Will for my life and what You have written in the Book of Life for me, so break off of me everything that has hindered me and help me back to a deep intimate relationship with you. Break open the chains, barriers, and any strongholds that have separated me from your very Presence so we can be Face to Face this moment so I can behold Your beauty and majesty.

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