I believe that there are many people in the body of Christ that are in bondage over money. That may sound funny, but you don’t have to have any money to be in bondage… you can think about it, talk about it, and do anything to get it all the time and be a servant to it.

This book talks about being freed from that bondage and brings out God’s Word to show you how to live a prosperous and victorious life with money instead of after money.

This is a FREE book in a PDF format, so you can Save it on your Desktop and read it later, you can also print it out so you have a hard copy.

Read Do You have money, or does Money have you?

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Jim DeSantis

One Response to “Do You have money or does Money have you?”

  • prasad:

    Good site for christians in their empowerment of faith and victorious christian life. Good job Jim. May his presence be with you.

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