Every Chrisitian should read “The Normal Chrisitan Life” !

Watchman Nee (1903–1972) was a Chinese Christian author and church leader during the early 20th Century. He spent the last 20 years of his life in prison and was severely persecuted by the Communists in China. Together with Wangzai, Zhou-An Lee, Shang-Jie Song, and others, Nee founded the The Church Assembly Hall, later which would be also known as the “Local churches”.

Nee suffered much for his belief that, according to the Bible, denominations are wrong in that they divide the One Body of Christ. Because his firm stand for the oneness of the Body of Christ against the denominations, they caused him much suffering. Some denominations despised and criticized, some opposed, and did their best to destroy his ministry. They also spread false rumours about him and misrepresented him.

By the time Nee was arrested in 1952, approximately four hundred local churches had been raised up in China through his life and ministry. In addition, local churches had been raised up in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Here is a collection of his books online for your reading pleasure: http://www.ministrybooks.org/collected-works.cfm

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