Yesterday was the past which can’t be changed, so learn from the mistakes and forget about it.

Today is the Present which your decisions will create your tomorrow, so choose them wisely do don’t waste it.

Tomorrow is the Future which is not guaranteed and is dependent on the what you do Today. Plans are meant to be changed, look at them more as suggestions or a direction to move towards not a blue print.

Don’t focus or worry about Yesterday or Tomorrow, one you can’t change and the other you can’t predict. Make every moment count in the Present, touch lives, make someone smile or laugh, have a cup of coffee with a friend instead of txting. Take a vacation with the family and forget about work, it’ll still be there when you get back, and if not find a new job.

Your life should NOT be a sum of your tasks and accomplishments, but instead a sum of your relationships and the lives you have touched along the way. Records are meant to be broken, changing a life will have an eternal impact that will live on.

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