This is statement I hear many people say which I would like to share my opinion and belief, as well as articulate maybe a clearer statement. One of the Characteristic Names of God is “Jehovah Rapha” which is “I AM the God that Heals”. I believe God has given men (Doctors and many in the health profession) wisdom and understanding of the human body to treat people. Please don’t get me wrong Doctors do good and help many people and I am not against Doctors or Hospitals, I recently had back surgery and they helped me, but they did not heal me!

Doctors “treat peoplenot heal them, they use medicine that helps control symptoms which normally have many side affects, they also use surgery to remove diseased parts of the body. But this is a treatment and NOT a healing, the pain or symptoms are better but the body was not totally repaired.

When God Heals a person they are “made whole“, when He raises a dead person there are no signs of damage and they are completely restored. There are countless testimonies of people that have had pins, plates, and even missing body parts that have been Healed by God and the instruments man put in are totally gone and in some cases even the scares disappeared.

My God is a Healer and I don’t believe He needs to use a man to bring healing, He is my Creator and knows everything. He does give wisdom to men to help people with treatments and pain, but I do not believe we can ever say that God uses man to heal, He technically may use men to treat. For me when we say “God uses man to heal it is like raising man to God’s level”. Simply put, God Heals and man treats.

The only person in the New Testament we know was a physician was Timothy and there are no reported cases of him ever treating anyone, but we do know that the Apostles went about healing many that were sick and oppressed of demons.

We do not understand why some people get healed and some don’t, why some are raised from the dead and some aren’t. That is still God’s decision even though we pray. So in the span of time between standing and believing for your healing I think it is perfectly fine if you need to seek a Doctors opinion or medication to help you through the process or pain while still seeking God. God should always be the first choice since He created you, and still the focal point during your struggle.

I also do not believe it is a lack of faith by going to a doctor, I do believe you should always seek the Lord First and His direction and Word and not just run straight to the Doctor.

Hopefully this explains my feelings on saying that “God uses Doctors to heal”, when it should maybe be better to say that “Through God’s Wisdom Doctors treat”.

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