What do you do when you have been praying and praying nothing has happened yet? Do you ask yourself What are my Options?Currently I am dealing with some painful lower back issues that man can’t help me with, surgery is not an option for me and I am left with that question. What are my Options?

In life and faith we are told to pray, and as we all know there are times that we do not receive the prayer we have been asking for… there are many scriptures that tell us to “Keep on Asking, Keep On Seeking, and Keep on knocking” (Mat Chapter 7 and Luke Chapter 11). But still some people die and some don’t get healed, but some do!

Many have tried to figure out “The 12 steps to healing”, or “The 21 ways why you don’t get healed” and they sell books, mess up Christians, and even often make us look like fools to the world. When the truth is “God’s Ways are Higher then our ways, and His thoughts are higher then our thoughts”. As humans we honestly don’t have a clue, and shouldn’t try to figure out the Creator of the Universe and everything we see! So anytime someone tries to tell you they have God figured out, please just walk away!

Back to the question. What are my Options?

Here is my viewpoint. I choose to believe God and His Word despite my circumstances or how long or hard I have prayed! I look at my options two ways:

1.) I can give up and settle with my circumstance, whatever it is. Be disgruntled and mad with God, which by the way NEVER moves Him and is not a good idea.

2.) Keep praying, asking, seeking, and believing He will heal me. Listening to the Holy Spirit and His direction, obeying what He tells me to do even when it makes no sense in the natural. Trusting Him at His Word, and yes… there is that possibility I will not be healed for whatever reason… but hope In Him keeps me going, draws me nearer, makes me press in deeper.

BTW, don’t keep asking Him “what have I done wrong“, or think it is because of your sin. This is another topic, but Jesus paid the price for both. Repent if you need to and move on to receiving His Love and forgiveness.

As I see it the two options are 1.) despair or 2.) hope and earnest expectation. One brings death, and the other breeds life.

Over the course of my years I have seen many people healed at the hand of God, including myself, my wife and children. Even one time my very young son prayed a short prayer over my wife and she was healed. I know God is still in the healing business today, and I choose to trust Him.

If you reading this and are ready to give up hope and select Option 1, let me encourage you to look at your options again and choose 2. There are things I am believing until my last dieing breath, will I see them… not sure. But in either case My God is True, Faithful, and trustworthy so I stay with Option 2!

May God Bless you and May His Face shine upon you and His Presence Overshadow you today. May He grant your desire and may you Praise His Name forever!


Isa 55:9 AMP For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts.

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