Abraham waited 25 years from the Promise that he would be the father of many nations until he had a son named Isaac. Joseph waiting about 17 years from when God gave him the dream his brothers would bow down before him before he actually saw it.

King David was anointed King at a young age and waited about 17 years until he was 30 before the promise of God that he would be King ever manifested. Jesus walked on this earth for 30 years before He ever started His ministry, He didn’t perform any miracle or do anything out of the ordinary that we are aware of.

I could go on and on, so what is my point? Have you gotten that God our Father is NOT in a hurry!!

The point is if God has give you a Word or Promise, HOLD ON TO IT, DO NOT give up. Just because our current attention span is about 30 seconds doesn’t’ mean God has changed the way He does things in His timing. He is ALWAYS faithful and can Trusted to carry out His Word.

If you received a Word about healing then keep standing on it, being obedient to whatever Holy Spirit says to do. If you received a Word about your call, be patient, learn to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit so you can be prepared when that time comes. If you have a Word about a child walking with God, be persistent in Prayer and do not give up.

Don’t let waiting a few years rob you of your dream or promise, Stand Strong, be patient and keep your eyes on Him and NOT your circumstances and one day you too will see the manifestation of your Promise and God’s Faithfulness!


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