Have you ever had a “dream” that didn’t come true and you held it against God?

The other night during a church service the Lord showed me a quick vision that I want to share with you.

I saw a broken mirror laying on the ground with a rather large piece of black glass sticking directly in my heart, and I heard the Lord say “that was your shattered dream not mine“.

Sometimes in life we get zealous and want to “Dream Big” for God and come up with all kinds of things we can do for Him… we plan them out, even reason how good they would be, sometimes have the right motives but they are “Our” dreams and not God’s. Then when those so called “dreams” don’t manifest we want to hold it against God like it was His fault. When the truth was, we created the whole thing ourselves and asked Him to Bless our plans.

So today I want to encourage and warn you. When you dream be careful that it is really God’s dream and not yours before you go and try to blame Him for the failure.

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