If you do what you always have, you get what you already have! Change REQUIRES a change of Attitude, Actions, the Words you speak, and changing your Thought patterns.

Pain either comes from weak muscles, or the process of strengthening them… but either way there is pain. I know, right now my lower back is in pain because I sit for about 11 hours a day due to my career. This has caused them to be weak and in pain, if I do nothing… they get worse, but when I exercise they are also in pain. The major difference is the type of pain. Not doing anything will cause the pain to get worse and weaken the muscles, exercise will cause some short term pain but strengthen the muscles.

When we ignore the pain in our lives whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or relational that pain will only get worse and usually lead to additional pains in our lives. Most of the time we choose NOT to change to avoid pain, but I say if you are already in pain then change and move forward with the hope that soon the original pain will end.

When we decide to change it requires us to do, say, and respond differently then we did before. In my case I started exercising a few days a week to build up my muscles. In your case you might need to start small and change what you are watching on tv, the way you act to family or coworkers, possibly even distancing yourself from so called friends. Having a change in your life REQUIRES you to change for there to be a different outcome.

I am here to encourage you today… positive change is ALWAYS worth it in the long run. You CAN do it, start small, realize you will stumble and possibly fall. Give yourself a chance, keep moving forward and pressing on towards the person you want to be. Let go of the past hurts, way of thinking, and old actions.

It is SO worth it for you, your family, and your friends. Be encouraged today, if you are reading this God has lead you hear and this is a Word from Him. You are valuable to Him, you are Loved by Him, and He is there right in the middle of your pain calling you out. Now, hear His Words and let Him lead you away from all that pain. You were never designed to carry it anyhow.

God Bless you this day and may TODAY be the first day of a mighty and awesome change in your life that you have been longing for.

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