Grapes MUST go through a wine press to change its purpose, then it MUST be fermented and age for sometimes years before it becomes mature. The longer wine ages the greater it’s value and richer it’s taste!

No one likes to go through the process of change because it hurts, it’s uncomfortable, and we never know what we will look like when it’s over. But when God is the one that is cranking the wine press His plan is always to to make you better and more valuable, not to hurt you. During that process our flesh (our way of doing things and our will) must die and submit to God, and this is the same process Jesus went through to accomplish His Fathers Will and save the world and redeem it.

When grapes are being crushed it is during that process they give off the most aroma, that is when what is inside them is being released so others can enjoy it! It’s not just the grape that is crushed in the wine press, it’s also the vine where it got its nourishment and the seeds inside! The vine represents where we get our nourishment from and it needs to come from the Lord and no longer the world we live in. The grapes are cut off from the vine before they go into the wine press so we need to totally and absolutely Trust in the Lord and not our own way of doing things any more.

The seeds (our dreams) that are inside us will usually seem like they are dead during this time frame, but sometimes it is that very process that we let them die that God knows we are after His heart and not the dream. For a seed in the natural to live it must first be planted in the ground and die to produce life. So during this process do not hold on tight to your dreams, instead hold on tight to God and let Him work in you and through you.

Lastly, going through God’s wine press is not a one time event… it seems to happen time and time again as we mature in Christ. It is the process of God refining us and squeezing things and lifestyles out of us that aren’t good.It is a purifying process.

You may ask what do I know about the process. Well, I just walked through 4 intense years of being in the wine press over and over only to learn there were things inside me I didn’t like and that needed to be broken and crushed out of my life. This involved ministry, marriage, character, finances, and actually every part of my life. But after 4 intense years, I Thank God and Praise Him everyday for taking me through it… I am such a different man and in a different place now that I could not have gotten without His wine press. The first time you go through it, it is very tough until you realize what is going on… after you go through it a few times you start to understand what He is doing and why. Trust me, it you will like the outcome, but not the process.


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