What is the difference between Loving someone and BEing “IN Love” with them?

The Lord showed me this many years ago and there is a distinct difference between “loving” someone and being “In Love” with someone. Simply put there are many males and females in my life that “I Love”. I have male friends that I tell them I love you, I have a daughter and son that “I Love”, and I have family members that “I Love”. So you can “love” lots of people and not be “IN Love” with them.

Now I have my wife “Joyce” who I am madly “In Love” with, we share our most intimate secrets and thoughts, ones that I do not even share with the people that I love. We have sex together, sleep together, and spend more time together then any of the other people that I love. There should ONLY be ONE person that you are “IN Love” with in your life because you give them your undivided love attention, but you can have many that you “love”.

Where I think the world has perverted (‘to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right’; Webster) love is when two people love each other they think the next thing to do is have sex. It’s all over TV, commercials, magazines, and the movies, someone says “I Love you” and BAM the next scene is they are in bed together. That is totally the wrong image of love, it is actually just lust and fantasy!

When you are “IN Love” with someone you have a life long commitment to them, you are vowing they are the ONLY one you are IN Love with, you must give them your undivided attention to make that relationship work. Being “IN Love” is the deepest connection that a man and woman can ever have. Where saying “I Love you” is expressing how you feel towards that person, you don’t have that same level of emotional commitment. Some of the people that I love I might only see once or twice a year, maybe only talk to them on the phone that much but I still love them.

Don’t be confused by what you see in the media… remember they are just ACTORS and when that scene is over they leave! Real life is much different. Evaluate your relationships and make sure that you understand the difference between the two and know where you stand. Having sex just because you say “I Love You” is only a physical act that messes people up emotionally, but having sex when you are married and “IN Love” is an entirely different experience and commitment.

Learn the difference and don’t settle for a counterfeit when the real thing is priceless!


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