Why is it that when Christians are asked their opinion on homosexuality we don’t seem to know how to answer back?

Here is the way I answer and look at it when someone asks me whether I am for or against homosexuals. When you look at sexual sin in general as the question it is much easier to answer. God created Adam and Eve as the first husband and wife and commanded them to multiply and that is the only sexual relationship that God designed and sanctioned, that is between a man and woman in marriage.

So when asked how I believe about homosexuals I simply answer that I don’t agree with any sex outside of the marriage covenant between a man and woman which includes adultery, pre-marital sex, sex with animals, or same sex partners. The Bible is clear on what God created and why. That said I do not hate people who commit adultery or young adults that have pre-marital sex so why would I hate homosexuals? I do not agree with any of the lifestyles and will council all of them the same way because sex outside of marriage for many reasons isn’t good for your soul and emotions and it is not what God intended.

I don’t apologize for what the Bible says because I didn’t write it, I also realized years ago that either I believe ALL the Bible or none of it, because if I only believe parts of it how do I know the parts I am believing are the right ones?

For those that will have negative comments, that is ok. You are entitled to your opinion the same as I am mine. So please don’t bash me because I don’t agree with you. See, I have a very close personal friend that was a practicing homosexual male… in fact he was like a son to me. Never once did I condemn him, but rather worked with him and encouraged him when we would talk. I loved him as a friend and didn’t see him any different as a man then I was. After awhile he did come out of the lifestyle and got married to a wonder woman and now has a great marriage. Condemning people will never lead them out of a lifestyle but showing them the Love of Christ will, I think it will only drive them deeper into it to try and prove people wrong.

In God’s eyes sin is sin, whether it is sexual sin, lying on your taxes, stealing, or murder. God doesn’t have a rating scale for sins, and sin doesn’t send you to hell either! Not accepting Jesus as Lord is the only decision that sends you to hell, not sin which is a different topic. Even Christians still sin after they accept Jesus as Lord and we will still go to heaven, once you really Love Jesus you want to stop sinning.

So the next time you are asked whether you are for or against homosexuals and get trapped into a fight. Maybe look at the response differently, I won’t fight with people because it never resolves anything. When asked I share my beliefs and why the same as they will, walk in the Love of Christ that is in you and let the Holy Spirit lead my answers. When they believe differently that is their choice and we will all be held accountable for our choices and decisions one day whether we believe in Jesus or not.

God Bless you all that read this, whatever your lifestyle or opinion. The God that I serve Loves you all and is “NOT mad at you… He is mad about you!” (Pat Shatzline).

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