During Worship last night I received a revelation from the Holy Spirit. Angles worship God all around the throne for eternity. We know that angles are in Awe of His Glory and Power but no where that I know of does it ever say angles “love” God or are even capable of love!

We know that Jesus said that we would Worship God “in spirit and in truth” (John 4:23) and the Father is SEEKING such people, actually we Worship God out of Love. God is Love and He covets OUR Worship because we are the only ones that Worship Him out of Love, angles can’t do that. I think that is why angles looked at God and said “why are you mindful of man?” (Ps 8:4, Heb 2:6). I think it is because we have the capacity to LOVE Him and the angles didn’t understand that.

So if you want to Honor your Father in Heaven today, Worship Him out of Love and sincere adoration remembering that God is Love and Spirit. Don’t try and use your head, use your heart through your spirit. Worship Him with all your being and tell Him that you Love Him.

There is NO Greater place to be then In His Presence through our Worship!

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