Busi-stryis the combination of business AND ministry using Kingdom principles to impact the working world around us for Jesus Christ. It’s neither business OR ministry it’s BOTH operating together towards ONE common goal!

Paul built tents and preached the Gospel!
Joseph saved Israel and was second in command of Egypt.

The other morning I said “God do you want me in business or ministry?” He said “Whats the difference?”

So often as Christians we think we have to BE in ministry to make a difference, which is a lie. Our businesses should be our ministry, we should impact the employees at our company, use Kingdom principles to influence the company and see it prosper, and touch the customers we have contact with. I don’t mean preaching to them, I mean Loving them, treating them with respect and honor, and shining the Light of Christ so they see you are different. Then at some point a door will open that you can share His Love.

The Bible tells us that SOME are called to be Apostles, Prophets,  Evangelist, Pastors, and Teachers not all. So we are to serve in the gifts God has given us individually working as one body accomplishing God’s plans and not our own!

For some reason we have gotten the mindset that you have to work in a ministry or church to do God’s will. The people we are meant to touch are OUTSIDE the church walls, you need to start looking at your profession as your mission field and Loving people and not condemning them. Just think if we could just touch and impact just one life a day… just one, we would impact 365 people in a year, and 3,650 people in 10 years. WOW, now that would be a ministry!

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