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Information - Rhema Nuggets


Yesterday was the past which can’t be changed, so learn from the mistakes and forget about it.

Today is the Present which your decisions will create your tomorrow, so choose them wisely do don’t waste it.

Tomorrow is the Future which is not guaranteed and is dependent on the what you do Today. Plans are meant to be changed, look at them more as suggestions or a direction to move towards not a blue print. Read the rest of this entry »

No. To my knowledge, no Jews today offer any kind of animal sacrifice or offerings, nor have Jews offered sacrifices since the second century C.E. Read the rest of this entry »

Something happened on the treasure hunt yesterday…… I have to explain a little bit for it to make sense for what happened Nov. 2nd!! Read the rest of this entry »

Petén Guatemala!

Are you ready for an ADVENTURE?
Are you ready to advance the KINGDOM?
Are you ready to swing in the trees with MONKEYS? Read the rest of this entry »

Jesus Christ lives, dwells, and abides IN you and longs for releationship with you. There is NO Greater power ever known then the Love of God for you! His Love is NOT based on you earning or deserving it, but on His Grace freely showered upon you. Read the rest of this entry »

What is Soaking?

Some of you may have heard the term “soaking” lately and don’t understand what it means… well you are not alone! Simply put, soaking is a process of being still usually lying down with a blanket (sometimes sitting in a comfortable chair), with the lights down low, and listening to soft Worship music that draws you into the Presence of God. Read the rest of this entry »


Thank you for visiting Rhema Nuggets!

Our goal is to minister healing and provide teaching resources so you can learn more about God’s Word and what it says TO and ABOUT you to live a BETTER and Victorious life on this earth.

What does Rhema Nuggets mean and where did it come from? Please click Info.
What is our Vision? Please click About.
     NEW Over 325 Bible Studies to choose from… check them out Studies

Healing Life (or Zoe) Center is a passion that God has stirred in me lately, and it is time to share that vision according to Hab 2:2 with people so like minded Christians can hook up with it.

Hab 2:2 AMP

And the Lord answered me and said, Write the vision and engrave it so plainly upon tablets that everyone who passes may [be able to] read [it easily and quickly] as he hastens by.


I see the Healing Life Center as a Mustard Tree that houses and shelters life for many ministries within it as Mark 4:31-32 describes. The heart of the Vision is to have something going every night of the week for people to be ministered to and feed!

Mar 4:31-32 (Luk13:19, Mat 31:31-32) AMP

It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when sown upon the ground, is the smallest of all seeds upon the earth; 32 Yet after it is sown, it grows up and becomes the greatest of all garden herbs (tree) and puts out large branches, so that the birds of the air are able to make nests and dwell in its shade.


Healing Services:

To have a sanctuary that seats between 400 – 500 people to have weekly Healing Services opened to the public so they can experience the manifested Presence of the Almighty God through the Holy Spirit, and to minister healing to the sick and oppressed. Also during those meetings to have Live Web Cast feeds so anyone can watch and be a part of the Healing Service and receive what God has for them as well… no one should be left out.

Live Worship Recording

One of the other purposes of Healing Services are to record live Praise and Worship and provide that to people so they are able to experience the Presence of God in their own home or car. It is different when you listen to Live Praise and Worship music of a service that you were part of because it brings back memories and experiences that you had with the Holy Spirit during that time. These CD’s can also be used for people that need healing in places like hospitals or nursing homes that are out of town or cannot make it to a service.

Prayer Center

To have a room dedicated to 24×7 prayer that will be opened 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for anyone to come in and pray, read the Bible, or just soak and be refreshed in God’s Presence. There will be Worship music playing the entire time to exalt our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and communion will be available to partake in the Lord’s Supper.

Schools and Training Center

I see many different training and equipping Schools happening throughout the month.

Some of them include:

Healing School – a small personal setting to teach and train Christians how to pray for the sick and minister healing to everyone with the opportunity to practice and develop confidence that it is God’s Will to heal!

Prophetic School – Not everyone is called to be a Prophet, but I believe according to the Word of God everyone is called to prophecy and declare God’s Word. This school will teach people how to walk in Words of Knowledge and Wisdom and prophesy as the Holy Spirit leads them.

Worship School – God calls us to BE Worshipers! This school will teach and instruct those interested in leading Worship to the Lord to develop their gifts and others how to BE a Worshiper to the Lord!

Healing and SOZO Rooms

Healing Rooms – Not everyone will be comfortable or able to come to the Healing Services so we want to have a more personal setting for them to come in and have healing ministered to them on an appointment basis by 2 or 3 trained and experience healing technicians.

SOZO Rooms – SOZO is used 110 times in the New Testament and means “to save or make well or whole“, and is an inner healing and deliverance ministry. We know that some physical sickness and diseases are caused by un-forgiveness, bitterness, demons, and emotional events from your past. SOZO sessions are personal one on two meetings that individuals are lead through inner healing to rid them from spiritual bondage of the past into healing which is also called deliverance.

Holy Spirit Nights

Regular times of Praise and Worship and just waiting on the Lord. These might include a message or guest speaker, times of Corporate Prayer, or just times of Soaking In His Presence, but it will all be lead and directed by the Holy Spirit.


So if this bears witness with your spirit and you want to hook up in prayer or financially please fill out the Comment section below with an email address and phone number and I will get in touch with you. As the Holy Spirit directs our steps I will be posting more information on this web site and through Rhema Nuggets Newsletters.

God Bless you all!







The word Rhema is a Greek word that describes Scripture, which refers to a word that is SPOKEN and meansan utterance.” A rhema is a verse or portion of Scripture that the Holy Spirit brings to our attention with application to a current situation or need for direction.

Every word of God is inspired (II Timothy 3:16) and it is the Holy Spirit Who illuminates a particular Scriptures for application in a daily walk with the Lord.

Jesus also stated, “The words [rhema] that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63).

When God gives a rhema for us to act upon, He often confirms it by a second rhema, that “in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word [rhema] be established” (II Corinthians 13:1).

The word Nuggets comes from mining gold, as we know gold is found in Nuggets and is one of the most precious metals to man on earth, and God’s Word is like that to our spirit.

So Rhema Nuggets is about God’s Word that is more valuable then gold and silver and once illuminated by the Holy Spirit should have an impact on our lives to change us so we can change the world!

Here are specific studies categorized by Study Topics that I accumulated for over 15 years, so now you can meditate on the Word so it can sink into your spirit. Read the rest of this entry »

Below you’ll find teachings on specific subjects, it is more then just scriptures… it is to help explain what they mean and how they apply to your life.

Name Size Last Modification Date
Christmas Story 32.00 KB 05 September 2017
Communion 39.50 KB 05 September 2017
Crucifixion 63.50 KB 05 September 2017
Desert 35.00 KB 05 September 2017
Do You Believe In Gravity 22.00 KB 05 September 2017
Do You Have Money Or Does Money Have You 385.04 KB 05 September 2017
End Times Charles Capps 49.00 KB 05 September 2017
Famous Quotes 33.50 KB 05 September 2017
Five Fold Teacher 43.50 KB 05 September 2017
Heart Transplant 28.00 KB 05 September 2017
Kingdom Of God 62.00 KB 05 September 2017
Names God 2 40.50 KB 05 September 2017
Names God 3 188.50 KB 05 September 2017
Names God 4 43.00 KB 05 September 2017
Obedience And The Cost Of Disobedience 72.00 KB 05 September 2017
Obedience And The Cost Of Disobedience 212.99 KB 05 September 2017
Passover 49.63 KB 05 September 2017
Rain 39.00 KB 05 September 2017
The Wild Olive Haggadah Passover 44.92 KB 05 September 2017
What Is Soaking 34.00 KB 05 September 2017
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What happens when I click a document?

When you click on a document below a new window will pop up and ask you to either “Open” or “Save” the document. If you just want to look at it you can “Open” it and Microsoft Word will pop up with those teachings. Then you can “Save” that document in “My Documents”  or create a special folder called “Scripture Studies”. If you want to keep different documents on your computer then click on each one and click “Save“.

Why are they formatted in two pages?

Each Word document is formatted in two pages so you can cut them in half, punch holes in each sheet and insert them into either a “Day Timer” or a “Franklin” binder so you can build your own personal Study Book. I also suggest you purchase Alphabet Tabs (AB, CD, EF, etc) for your binder so you can alphabetise the Study Notes for easy access. Then when you feel “anxious” or want to study more on “your faith“, you simply open up to that topic and meditate on those scriptures over and over until you get the Word of God in your spirit and Strengthen Yourself with the Living Word of God.

You can purchace either a “Day Timer” or a “Franklin” binder and hole punch at your local Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot.

I can’t open the documents, I don’t think I have Microsoft Word?

If you can not open these Word documents and are using Windows XP or Vista you probably do not have Microsoft Office or Microsft Word installed. Please click on the link below and install the FREE Word Viewer below.

Please click on Software and another box will pop up, then click “Run” to install it. After that you should be able to read and print all these files, just not edit or change them.

I’d like to have all the files but don’t want to save them one at a time.

If you would like all these files to keep on your own computer please fill out a “Comment” with your email address and I will email them all to you so you don’t have to save them one at a time.

There are a few different Healing Rooms in the Warren/Youngstown Area that you can go to for Healing.

Victory Christian Center

World Prayer Center in Coitsville, OH has 3 dedicated rooms specifically for Healing Prayer. Coitsville is just east of Youngstown, OH by a few miles.

We are there the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Or you can make an individual appointment by calling the Church Office at 330.536.2127.

Bethel Church (Bill Johnson) Conferences

There are a bunch of GREAT Conferences hosted by Bethel throughout the US, I would greatly encourage and recommend their Healing Schools, they changed my life. If you ever have the opportunity to go to Redding, CA you will never be the same again! 

Global Awakening (Rand Clark) Conferences

Randy oversees Global Awakening with their mission to equip God’s people and has a Powerful ministry and I recommend looking over his events. I have also gone to Randy’s Healing School and greatly encourage you to attend one whether you are interesting in walking in a Healing ministry or need healing for your body.

Victory River nights. (Pastor David Thomas) River Night

This is my Local church and During Jan – May and Sept – Nov they have River nights on Friday at 7:00pm for a time of refreshing, Praise and Worship, and teaching. Don’t miss even one if you live in Northeast Ohio. 

The Glory Barn – every Sunday night at 7:00pm

Every Sunday Night in Windham we have a Holy Spirit night to do Praise and Worship, Healing, sometimes Prophsey, and other manifestations of the Holy Spirit. It is a time for being totally saturated in God’s Presence and letting the Holy Spirit work in and through us.

Address: 7845 State Rd, Windham, OH 44288 (Route 303 on the other side of Windham, off Route 82 in Braceville)

A lot of people ask me what I use to study the Bible. After researching and even using a number of products out there I actually use a FREE program called E-Sword. Yes, you heard correctly… I did not stutter, FREE!

E-Sword is FREE, well… Rick Myers (the owner) does take offerings and I encourage you to send him money. It is the BEST Bible program I have ever used… it is simple, fast, and Rick keeps the menus and everything the same so as you do upgrades you don’t have to relearn it… what a novel idea?

First you download and install the E-Sword main program, then download all the Bibles, Add-On’s, and everything else separately. I highly recommend the “Treasure Scripture Knowledge” or TSK, it is wonderful, it links common scriptures together and helps you find them.

Personally I use the “Amplified Bible” and “King James Version (w/Strongs)” to study and get the Hebrew and Greek definitions. I also suggest loading “Thayer Dictionary” and “ISBE – International Standard Bible Encyclopedia”

I highly recommend you downloading E-Sword and picking as much as the Free stuff you can and learn how to use it, also send him a check if you use it to bless him and sow back into this power program. Don’t be shy to some of the Bibles or Add-On’s, they are well worth it and cheaper, faster, and easier to use then the paper Bibles to study the Word of God.

Download E-Sword today.

He also offers Training on how to use E-Sword which for new beginners is worth watching, just click on the Training link below.


Rhema Nuggests is both a teaching resource site and sends out Newsletters to encourage and strengthen you.

Normally a short Newsletter is sent out 3 to 4 times a month (once a week) with a teaching and scriptures to equip you to live a victorious life.

Your email address will never be given out or used for any other purpose, and you can Un-Subscribe at any time if you do not want to receive them any more.

Newsletter Archives are also posted so you can go back and read all previous Newsletters to get a feel of what they look like.

So if you would like to sign up to receive my next Newsletter please fill out ‘Your email‘ and ‘Your Name‘ below.

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God Bless you this Wonderful Day of the Lord, and may He fill you with His Presence and Love.

Jim DeSantis