What happens when I click a document?

When you click on a document below a new window will pop up and ask you to either “Open” or “Save” the document. If you just want to look at it you can “Open” it and Microsoft Word will pop up with those teachings. Then you can “Save” that document in “My Documents”  or create a special folder called “Scripture Studies”. If you want to keep different documents on your computer then click on each one and click “Save“.

Why are they formatted in two pages?

Each Word document is formatted in two pages so you can cut them in half, punch holes in each sheet and insert them into either a “Day Timer” or a “Franklin” binder so you can build your own personal Study Book. I also suggest you purchase Alphabet Tabs (AB, CD, EF, etc) for your binder so you can alphabetise the Study Notes for easy access. Then when you feel “anxious” or want to study more on “your faith“, you simply open up to that topic and meditate on those scriptures over and over until you get the Word of God in your spirit and Strengthen Yourself with the Living Word of God.

You can purchace either a “Day Timer” or a “Franklin” binder and hole punch at your local Staples, Office Max, or Office Depot.

I can’t open the documents, I don’t think I have Microsoft Word?

If you can not open these Word documents and are using Windows XP or Vista you probably do not have Microsoft Office or Microsft Word installed. Please click on the link below and install the FREE Word Viewer below.

Please click on Software and another box will pop up, then click “Run” to install it. After that you should be able to read and print all these files, just not edit or change them.

I’d like to have all the files but don’t want to save them one at a time.

If you would like all these files to keep on your own computer please fill out a “Comment” with your email address and I will email them all to you so you don’t have to save them one at a time.