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In our Fast paced, High stressed life in “going” and “doing” many don’t realize what parts of the body have to “over react” to keep up with our lifestyle. One of the key ones is the Adrenal Glands which produce a hormone call cortisol. Cortisol in simple terms gives us a boost during our “fight or flight” mode and wasn’t designed to be turned on all the time, living “IN” stress keeps your cortisol turned on all the time.  The adrenal glands also produce other hormones like aldosterone, estrogens, testosterone, progesterone, pregnenelone and DHEA and when it is burned out it affects other aspects of our health.

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Yesterday was the past which can’t be changed, so learn from the mistakes and forget about it.

Today is the Present which your decisions will create your tomorrow, so choose them wisely do don’t waste it.

Tomorrow is the Future which is not guaranteed and is dependent on the what you do Today. Plans are meant to be changed, look at them more as suggestions or a direction to move towards not a blue print. Continue reading

Our God is a jealous God and many people don’t understand that. As I was thinking about it one day it hit me that God is jealous over us like a husband is jealous over his wife. God our Father sent His only Son to pay the ultimate price for a Bride which is the church. He gave what was most precious to Him to save a dying world so why wouldn’t He be jealous over us? Continue reading

If you do what you always have, you get what you already have! Change REQUIRES a change of Attitude, Actions, the Words you speak, and changing your Thought patterns.

Pain either comes from weak muscles, or the process of strengthening them… but either way there is pain. Continue reading

Our Earthly viewpoint of God is much like looking at an infinite faceted diamond. If we stare at one facet too long we think that’s all there is of God (which could be healing, prosperity, salvation, grace, etc)! When we should be looking at ALL the facets we can find, then we will START to realize how Great He really is and begin to see His true Beauty and Splendor.
Don’t focus on just one aspect of what you think God is, explore even deeper today and you wil be amazed…

If we are not careful, we can look in Scriptures and find what we thought we were looking for, BUT all the while Miss what God was REALLY saying. We should read His Word to understand His nature and purpose NOT to try and justify our own!

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